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The estonian derby, the biggest intrigue of the quarter-finals

The decisive matches for spots in the BHL final four are still to be played. The quarter-final return matches will take place on Saturday. This will leave just four contenders for the champion title.

Of all the first quarter-final matches, the match between the Estonian teams SK Tapa/N.R. Energy and Viljandi HC ended with the smallest margin. SK Tapa/N.R. Energy took a two-goal lead at home. However, the defending BHL champion Viljandi HC will have the home advantage in the return match.

Elmu Koppelmann (coach, SK Tapa/N.R. Energy):

Everything starts from zero. In the first match, Viljandi played well in the first half and we could not beat their goalkeeper. At half-time, we talked about what we needed to do and the team managed to turn the game around. We took the lead in the last minutes of the match and won. It was a tense game, with a lot of two-minute suspensions. Viljandi is now thinking about how to win the second leg. We will look for ways not to lose the match. Two goals is a very small margin. It is going to be a tough game, as it was a week ago.

Marko Koks (coach, Viljandi HC):

Tapa have been playing very well this season. We have already lost to them twice. We need to play much better than in the first game. We played well for the first 20 minutes, but when we got a six-goal lead, we relaxed too early and lost the game. We need to fight until the end. This is exactly what the Tapa team did. And we lacked concentration until the end of the game. At home, we will have to meet the requirements on the court for all 60 minutes. We hope that the support of our fans at home will help us. There were a lot of fans in Tapa, but we expect even more support at home.

The match between Viljandi HC and SK Tapa/N.R. Energy will take place on 25 March at 14:00 at the Viljandi sporthall.