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The Baltic Handball Association

 is a non-profit organization founded by the Estonian Handball Association, the Latvian Handball Federation, and the Lithuanian Handball Federation.

The aim

 of the Baltic Handball Association is to promote handball in the Baltic States among both young people and adults at the level of clubs and national teams by jointly organizing competitions and educational seminars both indoor and beach handball. The Baltic Handball League and Women’s Baltic Handball League are the main leagues organized by the Baltic Handball Association. 


The idea of Baltic Handball Association came first in the early 1990s, after which the presidents of Estonian Handball Association, Latvian Handball Federation and Lithuanian Handball Federation found it a good idea to organize competitions across these three countries.

The agreement of the Baltic Handball Association to organize the Baltic Handball League was signed between the presidents of the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian national handball associations on June 10, 1990. This is the beginning of the Baltic Handball Association. Since then, various competitions have been organized at both club and national teams’ levels in the three countries. The major competition organized in this cooperation is the Baltic Handball League.

The founding meeting of the Baltic Handball Association was held on January 10-11, 2019 in Tallinn by the Estonian Handball Association, Latvian Handball Federation and Lithuanian Handball Federation.

The statutes of the Baltic Handball Association were approved on October 10, 2019 in Tallinn and organization was registered in the Estonian Business register for the first time on October 11, 2019.

Our Values01 | ComprehensiveHandball is a sport that develops both mental and physical abilities. Players learn to make quick decisions, work as a team, and respect each other.02 | CooperationIn handball the most important thing is cooperation: you trust the coach, your teammates and give your best in every match to succeed with the whole team.03 | RespectfulHandball is a challenging but also fair and full contact sport, where respect for each other is especially important and highly valued. Learning to respect begins with the youngest friends of handball and continues through life. Players are vigorous but also sensible, decent, responsible, and respectful of each other.04 | AvailabilityHandball can be played at any age, both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for various body types physical preparation and is available to everyone and everywhere.05 | FriendshipIn handball, you will find an additional family with whom you may be even more connected at some point in your life than your real family. They are friends who never let you down and who you can always count on and who trust you.06 | PassionateHandball is an emotional sport, where are always winners and losers and which creates an exceptionally emotional atmosphere where sometimes even the last seconds play a decisive role.07 | InvolvementHandball involves everyone who interested in getting involved, athletes play on the field and many people take part professionally or voluntarily as that the athletes they love to achieve their goals.

Mission & Vision


Promoting handball cooperation in Baltic States.


Handball is the most comprehensive sport!