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Gold game: final four hosts põlva serviti vs. champion viljandi hc

Last year’s final will be repeated in the BHL league. Two Estonian clubs – Viljandi HC and Põlva Serviti will meet on Sunday at 15:30 in Põlva. In the 2022 final Viljandi HC defeated Põlva Serviti with the result 28:21.

This season Viljandi HC and Põlva Serviti met not only in the Estonian championship but also in the EHF European Cup tournament. Põlva Serviti won four H2H matches, one match ended in a draw. In the Estonian championship the Meistriliiga leader Põlva Serviti club won as many as 37 points in 19 games (18 wins, 1 draw) and secured the regular season winner title. Viljandi HC has won 26 points (12 wins, 2 draws, 5 losses) and is in 2nd place in the Estonian championship.

BHL 2022/23 SEASON

Viljandi HC – 1st place in group A (10 wins, 0 draws, 0 loses). In the quarter finals Viljandi HC defeating SK Tapa/N.R. Energy after the 7 m penalty shootout 51:48 on aggregate. In the semifinal Viljandi HC won against ZRHK TENAX Dobele 23:22.

Põlva Serviti1st place in group B (8 wins, 0 draws, 2 loses). Pölva Serviti club eliminated Granitas-Karys Kaunas, 65:50 on agregate. In the semifinal Pölva Serviti defeated VHC Šviesa 36:35.


01.03.23 Viljandi HC – Põlva Serviti 20:34 (Estonian Meistriliiga)

18.01.23 Põlva Serviti – Viljandi HC 32:32 (Estonian Meistriliiga)

30.10.22 Viljandi HC – Põlva Serviti 28:33 (EHF European Cup)

29.10.22 Põlva Serviti – Viljandi HC 27:26 (EHF European Cup)

05.10.22 Viljandi HC – Põlva Serviti 27:34 (Estonian Meistriliiga)


Viljandi HC: Ott Varik 79 goals, Hendrik Koks – 70, Kristo Voika – 45, Aleksander Pertelson – 43, Andrii Basarab – 40.

Põlva Serviti: Alfred Timmo 78 goals, Henri Sillaste – 66 goals, Jurgen Rooba – 62, Hendrik Varul – 43, Carl-Eric Uibo – 36.

Kristo Voika (captain, Viljandi HC):

I think Põlva Serviti is a favorite. First of all they play at home and they have one more day of recovery then us from Estonian league games. They played on Wednesday and we played on Thursday. Finals are games that are full of willpower and emotion. The ball is round so it can roll both ways. We will fight until the last breath and try to be the best we can be. We have a fan bus coming and they are a big help for us like an eight player on the field. I hope that Põlva will be more blue than red on Sunday.

Jurgen Rooba (player, Põlva Serviti):

Although we have won almost every game except one tie against Viljandi this season. Before the finals these are just statistics. It’s 0:0 again and the stronger will have the glory. I think it’s time to bring the gold medal to Põlva, the team and our fans deserves it.